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Who are you?

Hi, I’m Agatha, an author, and creator of

I’m passionate about a transformative process of seeking and sharing knowledge – that ultimately leads to a change. I believe the “reality is not a constellation of things at all, but one of process. (…) Everything is a matter of process, of activity, of a change (Pantha rhei)¹.”

Change occurs as a result of experience, a journey of self-discovery, understanding, adapting, and making it personal. Change is a part of life.

Be open to change, as it opens the door to growth in your life.

Seeking knowledge is like opening doors.

And I know the doors are everywhere.

-Georges St-Pierre

I’m on a personal journey to maximize the growth potential in your life.

Simple, slow, and clever living principles help to create space, increase focus, and encourage curiosity to seek and open doors to the life you want to live. Agatha Green is a space where I’m openly sharing what I learn along the way.

I dive into details and present you with a selection of the finest highlights.

My research concentrates on diverse yet beautifully interconnected subjects and aspects of life. I explore and summarize for you the essence of themes, including simplicity, awareness, mental and physical health, self-care, efficiency, life purpose and meaning, self-growth, and more.

You can read about my story and passion for seeking and sharing knowledge.

¹ An interpretation of Heraclitus’s concepts into modern terms by Nicholas Rescher.

What is Agatha Green site about?

Agatha Green is a record of what I learn on my journey through all aspects of our lives. A refined collection of articles, notes, and comments.

I encourage you to challenge, discuss, and share your point of view related to any of the works I publish. Use the comment section located at the bottom of each post.

Through sharing knowledge and experiences I realize my mission – give you the clarity, courage, and commitment you need to succeed at work and in life. From practical tools to achieve your dreams and goals to strategies for personal growth, and development, to an intentional path to greater wellbeing and life satisfaction.

My goal is to empower you to succeed in what matters most in your life and make you feel proud of what you can achieve.

Simple living

Agatha Green encourages simple living because it gives a unique opportunity to create a space for intentional focus on important things in life. Less is more, and to feel more alive, we must subtract the physical and mental clutter that weighs us down.

Slow living

Agatha Green supports slow living in the chaos of modern life because focusing on a balanced, meaningful, and selective approach to life allows us to open the door to find a higher purpose – the meaning of life.

Clever living

Agatha Green promotes clever living, a lifestyle of continuous learning, development, curiosity, and skillful application of smart solutions to support your daily life.

Knowledge sharing

Agatha Green advocates knowledge sharing because knowledge has no value unless you use and share it.

“Knowledge is power.

Shared knowledge is power multiplied.”

Robert Noyce


Agatha Green inspires. Embrace change. If not now then when.

Learn more about Agatha Green.

Who is Agatha Green for?

Agatha Green is for anyone ready to take life into their own hands. If you have been searching for a place to help you find simplicity and learn how to live in sync with yourself – you’re in the right place!

This website offers unique views, ideas, and quality. Respect and self-care are always in mind – by default.

So, if you’re ready to simplify, slow down and apply clever solutions to your daily life, create space, increase focus, and awaken your inner curiosity – don’t wait – dive into all that Agatha Green has to offer for you.

No matter where you are right now, I hope that Agatha Green can be an inspirational go-to resource for you.

Open doors to the life you want to live.

What people are saying about Agatha Green

“I found your blog recently and I love your work! Love the long detailed posts and the aesthetics of your website. Will recommend it to my friends! Good luck!” Mary K.

“Thanks for the inspiration! Due to some personal life events (they still make me sad), I decided to change my life completely! Your posts made me realize I forgot to tackle the area of my self-care. Most of the time I am out and about helping others, and in all truth, I am most of the time (if not always…) forgetting about myself.” Vicky M.

“Thank you for the eBook! Very insightful. It confirms the best ideas are simple.” Ann S.

“The last few months, if not really years, were really stressful for me. I was looking for ways on how to deal with all the bad things that happened to me. I came across your website while I was searching for some ideas on how to deal with all the stress and I used the step by step exercises you wrote and they worked! So, I just wanted to say thank you!” Sandy P.

“I’m so impressed with your blog! I feel like I’ve found my soul mate sister! We must be at a similar stage of life, as many things you write about are exactly what I have in my mind right now! Can we meet for a real chat?” Jeanette T.

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Where do I find the best content?

Agatha Green has published a refined collection of articles, notes, and comments on this site, but you can start with the most popular posts.

If you prefer, you can go ahead and begin with the series of articles focused on the core values of simple, slow, and clever living.

Are you looking for the latest articles or inspiring quotes?

Enjoy reading!

How can I contact Agatha Green?

If you want to stay in touch, there are a few ways to do 


Signing up for a free newsletter is the best way to stay in touch. When you join my list, you’ll get access to a bonus – free eBook. Once in a while, I will send you a letter with carefully curated news, updates, and exclusive content.


You can challenge, discuss, and share your thoughts and ideas with the whole Agatha Green Community. I also encourage you to ask questions – let’s learn from each other.  Comment articles using boxes located under each of the posts.

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Do you have a personal question, a comment? Do you want to collaborate in some way? Or just have something nice to say? I would love to hear from you!

Send me a message, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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Thank you for being here!

If you made it this far, thank you! I’m grateful you made your way here, and I hope that Agatha Green can be an inspirational and motivating resource for you on the journey through life.

Embrace change. If not now, then when.