Deploy fabric shaver to remove lint and stress

by Agatha Green

I’m in the office on a cold and gloomy autumn morning drinking coffee and wondering where to start.

My colleague bursts in panting, “I couldn’t sleep all night! I’m too restless in the evening, and then it’s done.”

“You need to shave your stress off.


Let’s get you a fabric shaver to remove lint and stress.”

Can fabric shaver remove lint and stress?

We almost got used to the fact that the modern world is bombarding us with images of happy and beautiful people.


We want to believe that our lives can be perfect too. We want to be happy, fulfilled and glide stress-free through the life. And that’s okay, but it’s not real. Beneath all the fluff and glitter, deep in our guts, we know there’s always more than one side to each story. The surface is nice, polished and filtered through the rose-tinted glasses. While what lies below can be painful, nasty or sad.

Perfection is nonexistent. But there’s something better in a real life – balance.

But, how can we achieve balance? Especially, if there seems to be always more weight on the other side.

How to control our stress levels and what fabric shaver has to do with it?

Mental hygiene is as important as any other hygiene

The winter season in the northern hemisphere is on its way. And so the seasonal anxiety and stress related to Christmas and the New Year festivities. studies say that around 26% of adults experience anxiety and elevated stress symptoms around this time of year. And that was long before the COVID-19 pandemic.

When the season and weather conditions change, we can get more sensitive, irritated, and vulnerable. And that’s exactly when the images of a “perfect life” can hit us even more. Instead of finding the balance and nourish ourselves, we try to fight fire with even more fire.

And where does that get us?

It increases stress, fuels insecurities and the sense of worry.

There’s a good reason why we pair sweet and sour, pressure and decompression or yin and yang. One help another achieve the symmetry and stability.

Our mental hygiene is important. Balance is the key. It requires finding the root cause of the imbalance and applying the counterweight.

Learn also how to achieve internal balance by removing external visual noise.

Use fabric shaver to remove lint and stress

Stress gets us out of balance.

And it produces various physical and mental symptoms. These symptoms differ from person to person, depending on individual and situational factors. And amongst others, these can include health problems, generalised or social anxiety and depression.

All of us have countless demands and requirements to fulfil on a daily basis. And we often feel overwhelmed with so much to think about and do. When stress catches us in its vicious cycle it becomes difficult to handle. Our typical reaction is to apply even more pressure on ourselves in a pursuit of getting out it. Unfortunately, this strategy often fails.

But don’t get discouraged too quickly!

There are ways to ease and counterbalance stress overload. Also, there are ways to prevent it.

Small appliance – huge results!

Dealing with stress is not easy. Even more so, if we don’t have the right tools at hand. And I am not asking you to run to the store to get the fabric shaver to remove lint and stress right away. There are so many other aids that can help you take care of your daily stress management. I’m sure you will find one that fits your needs best.

Apart from the tools, there is one thing to remember here.


Regular application of stress balancing tools and techniques proves to reduce many stress-related symptoms.

  • The feeling of being completely overwhelmed
  • Restlessness
  • Physical and mental symptoms of anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Depression symptoms

What’s most important, these techniques and tools do not have to be complicated, time-consuming and boring. It gets even better – you can invent new ones in the comfort of your own home.

How fabric shaver helps to remove lint and stress?

So, the winter is almost here. We reach to the depths of our wardrobes to get warm clothes and the scarves out into the daylight. But often its not just the cold weather that we prepare ourselves for. With the prospect of the Christmas season, many of us brace for the extra anxiety and panic attacks, and most of all – additional stress.

While we cannot foresee all difficulties and pains, there are many ways we can get ourselves back into the state of calm. A stable and balanced emotional position will be our anchor and basis for responding to stressful situations. All techniques and ideas that will help us achieve that balance are good for as long as they’re healthy.

So, there’s a simple method I love, and tested over the years.

When mental strain makes me restless, I deploy my fabric shaver to remove lint and stress. Try it!

No-fuss way to de-fuzz

The electric fabric shaver, also called lint, bobble, pilling or fuzz remover can re-new your clothes and mood in no time. It’s a small, portable device, so you can travel with it or lend it to your friends. It removes fabric pills from all types of clothes, makes them look like new.

Manage stress and wardrobe at the same time

While the fabric shaver takes care of your clothes, the act of shaving takes care of your mind.

  • Place your garment on the flat surface (table, sofa, chair, floor).
  • Cut any loose threads with scissors or pull them to the underside of the garment.
  • Straighten the material so that it doesn’t have large creases.
  • Now, focus entirely on the process of moving the shaver smoothly and precisely over the fabric.
  • Do not push, just glide it over the surface.
  • Pay attention to every part of the garment and the present moment.
  • Let your mind wonder.
  • Listen to the monotone buzzing noise of the appliance. Can you hear different tones?
  • Observe the repetitive movements of the shaver in your hand.
  • Breathe.

And the next thing you know, you’re looking for more garments to shave.

Clever and minimalistic ideas work

Almost every time I use it, I am surprised that this technique works so well. It’s worth recognising that such a small and simple device, with little effort, gives such great material and non-material benefits. Use of the fabric shaver helps to balance the stress and calm down your mind. Yet at the same time it perfectly fits into the the idea of clever and minimalistic ideas. It gives your clothes a new life and make them last longer. You also waste less and help to preserve natural resources.

Who would have guessed that a fabric shaver can not only remove lint but stress. Life is full of small surprises.

Manage stress before it becomes overwhelming.

Be creative.

Have you ever used a fabric shaver? Does it help you relax? Share your experience in the comment below.

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