15+ quick ways to cool down your home

by Agatha Green

So you’re roasting hot sitting on your sofa and wondering what to do.

Your headache gets worse, and motivation is running low.

There’s no pool to dive into and no plans to install air conditioning any time soon.

You’re waiting for the cool breeze or a miracle.

Grab these 15+ tips to quickly cool down your home without an air conditioner.

How to cool down your home without an air conditioner?

Has another heatwave struck your local area and stole the remains of your strength?

Don’t worry.

There are quite a few things you can do to cool down your home without an air conditioner. They won’t bring an arctic storm to your place. But they will help you relax, and get rid of the headache.

So, how do you survive the heatwave without air conditioning? And I can assure you, it is possible. Get to know the tricks that will cool down your living space in a natural way.

Bonus tip # 1

Moist air helps to control the temperature in confined spaces. Humidify your home, but don’t turn it into a steam room.

15+ quick ways to cool down your home

If you ever wondered how to cool down your home without an air conditioner, here’s the answer. Find your shelter in the shadow and get the air moving.

1. Close the blinds

Find your shelter in the shadow. Window blinds and shutters are the most most effective way to keep the heat away. They absorb sun rays and reflect them away from your home. Also called windows or solar shades are particularly useful on the southern-facing walls.

2. Shut the curtains

Window curtains are the second-best solution to cool down your place. Blackout fabric is ideal to help you create a home movie theatre or to keep the sunlight and heat away. It will isolate the room from the outside conditions, like temperature, and to some extent from noise. The same properties can help you keep the warmth inside during the cooler periods.

3. Install window awnings, canopies or pergolas

Canopies, awnings, and window pergolas offer great heat protection, and at the same time, they don’t block all the light as window shades and curtains do. There is a huge selection of modern retractable, foldable, and automated options that can help you cool down your home.

4. Set up an outdoor umbrella or a marquee

If you have a terrace or a balcony, consider installing a garden umbrella or a marquee. It will keep the heat away from your largest windows and also protect you from rain when you’re sitting outside. Like a marquee, an outdoor umbrella, or even a smaller table parasol can create a nice shadow, absorb the radiation, and reflect the sun rays away from your windows.

5. Keep all inside door open to cool down your home

If you close windows and doors to all your rooms, it can quickly start feeling as if you were in the oven. To avoid roasting inside, try to keep as many doors open as possible to allow the natural airflow. Remember the bathroom door too.

6. Cool the air down

When the temperature outside drops and the air cools down, you can use it to your advantage. Don’t risk keeping the heat inside while the outside condition improves. Open doors and windows as soon as the temperature outside and inside reaches the same level. If possible keep windows open at night and in the early morning when the outside heat is at its lowest point. Close windows as soon as the temperature starts rising to isolate your space from heat.

7. Create a draft

Drafts tend to work best in the early mornings and late afternoons. Unfortunately, in the afternoons, the temperature might not be low enough yet to risk letting the hot air inside. In the evenings the breeze tends to die out, so creating a draft might be difficult. Allowing a cool draft whenever possible is a good idea.

8. Use an electric fan

Electric fans are a great and popular way to circulate the air in confined spaces. They do not bring the temperature down, but they help to make it feel cooler. Unfortunately, there are some downsides to using electric fans. They can consume a lot of electricity and make noise. Additionally, the strong air stream can cause headaches, ear infections, colds, and in some cases even muscle pains. As soon as you switch the electric fan off, the room, by contrast, might feel much hotter than it actually is.

9. Create a refreshing sea-like breeze for fun

Even the best air conditioner will not give you the feeling of a cool, sea-like breeze on the skin. And if you crave to feel it even for a moment, you can try to create your own sea-like breeze at home! You will need an electric fan, a large bowl or a similar container, and lots of ice cubes. Fill a large bowl or container with ice cubes and place it next to the electric fan. Turn the appliance on and direct the airflow onto the ice cubes. Feel the refreshing haze that will help you relax during the hot days.

10. Cook quickly

Limit the oven use when the heatwave comes, and you can’t cool down your home with the air conditioner. Don’t use the oven at all. And if you have to – do it in the early morning when you can keep doors and windows open. Follow the same advice for the stove use, as residual heat might warm up the air long after you have finished cooking.

11. Get rid of the kitchen heat

So, you finished cooking, but the residual heat is there. It will take some time for the stove, hot pots, and their contents to cool down. The easiest way to speed up this process is to fill an empty pot with cold water and place it on the stove. The cold water will absorb the heat. You can do the same to cool down your pots and their contents by placing them in the sink filled with cold water. Don’t place the hot pots in the fridge or a freezer. It may raise the temperature inside, spoil the food that is already there, and break the appliance.

12. Switch off unused appliances

Some of the electrical home appliances emit heat. So, to cool down your home, you can switch these appliances off when you don’t use them. These are, for example, oven, stove, desktop computer, laptop, a TV set, and lamps.

13. Drink plenty of water

Drink plenty of water and avoid any sweet soda drinks. A hydrated body can regulate the temperature much better than the one that suffers dehydration. And if you’re not a huge fan of the plain water taste, you can squeeze in some fresh lemon and orange juice or add a cucumber slice and a few peppermint leaves. You can also drink cold teas and coffees. Don’t mistake them for sweet beverages that contain lots of sugar and other unhealthy additives. You can prepare a black, green, or any other tea or coffee at home, cool it down, and add some ice cubes. Enjoy!

14. Use a hand fan

A handheld fan gives relief for only as long as you wave it. But something is better than nothing. If you don’t have a hand fan, you can make one from a paper sheet folded in an accordion shape. You can also use a newspaper or a magazine.

15. Stay down

The hot air expands, becomes less dense, and rises. So, if you can stay down or downstairs, you will feel cooler. If your bed is, for example, in the attic, it might be a good idea to move the mattress downstairs, if possible. Even such a small change as sleeping on the floor rather than bed can bring some relief.

Cool down your home and self without an air conditioner

Explore all possibilities that can make you feel better.

Bonus tip # 2

Have a cool bath or a shower – it’s quick, easy, and effective. Try also soaking your feet in a bowl or bucket of cold water.

Do you have any good tips on how to stay cool during the heatwave? Share it in the comment below.

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